About Me

Sergii Ivaschenko

I am a PHP developer based in Dublin. I have started my career in software development back in 2009.

More than 4 years I was a part of Magento team, participating in Magento 1, Magento 2 and Magento Testing Framework development.

Last several years I work on Magento 2 customization and extensions development as a full stack web developer extending my experience to infrastructure design/management and frontend development.

I am a curious and easily inspired person. My curiosity makes me dive deeply into new frameworks, discovering how functionality is implemented. Also, it leads me to all closest meetups, that are at least somehow related to my stack of skills.

For my projects, I prefer using open-source software, and in return, I am trying to contribute to open-source as much as I can. My GitHub and StackOverflow accounts will show the results.

I like to spend my free time skiing, wind-, kite-, just- surfing, hiking and playing the guitar.

Additionally, I love sharing any valuable information I know through presentations, blog posts and videos. I believe that doing so gives me ability to learn the information even better. Audience comments and questions help me to avoid mistakes and fill the gaps in the topic. I am very grateful for this!

Any interesting news, findings and thoughts I share on my twitter feed.


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