The idea of Dublin Magento Developers Meetup came up at the Magento Meetup Ireland 16 that happened 26th October 2016.

That was a result of Magento community willing to have more frequent and more technical meetups, the brilliant technical presentation by Gordon Knoppe following by a quart of Guinness and active communication at Ashton’s. :)

Having the support of the idea from developers present at the meetup, we together with Paras Sood decided to create a poll and see if Magento Developers in Ireland are interested in such meetups. And it appeared they are!

Magento Developers Ireland Poll Results

To encourage developer participation and cover the most actual topics Stephen Kenealy proposed to use ‘unconference’ format for the meetup.

The Meetup

The first Magento Developers Ireland Meetup took place January 17, 2017, in Dublin at Monsoon Consulting office.

Open Communication befor the presentation

First, we had a great presentation explaining the details of Magento 2 Checkout implementation by Max Pronko.

Max Pronko talking about Magento 2 Checkout

Max’s presentation disclosed the depth of complex Magento 2 Checkout functionality implementation.

After the presentation, we had lots of exciting discussions about Magento 2 projects, complexity, estimation, pros and cons of the marketplace at the round table.


The meetup was a great experience for me, especially I liked the shift of focus from only presentations to open discussion where everyone is involved.

Although the meetup was named “Dev”, it just means that it is focused on technical topics. So it will be great to have also designers, project managers, marketing, quality assurance and other Magento folks interested in technical aspects participating at the meetup to have a more holistic discussion around Magento.

We also come to a conclusion that it would be a good idea to organize some hackathons to get not only technical but also practical benefits from the event and help bring Ireland’s Magento community on the map of actively contributing Magento communities in the world!

Posted on Jan 25, 2017